Prokaryotes is a reach back towards the reptilian body, a shape for things that usually stay invisible, an idiosyncratic meeting space for three dance artists with archived histories and particular behaviors. The more they expose their diverse pasts to one another, the attempt to meet becomes more important than the meeting point itself. The process of trying to meet becomes both the form and the system. There are three points of view, but neither is separate from the other, nor does one become the other: what is constituted in the work is multiplicity. The process revealed in the real-time decision-making is embodied, visceral, corporeal, but also ambiguous.

Movement/Stage Direction:  Elena Demyanenko in collaboration with the performers Kaya Lovestrand, Finn Murphy and Emma Villavecchia

Lighting Design:  Mark O'Maley

Sound Design: Michael Chinworth

Costume Design:  Richard MacPike