Blue Room

Blue Room is a collaboration between Chinese artist Dai Jian and Russian-born Elena Demyanenko, recent alumni of Trisha Brown Dance Company. In this duet exploring the intricacies of relationship, two mind-bodies with unique backgrounds, behaviors, languages and cultures suture together, provoking a third presence unique to each performance.

A nonlinear sequence of events, where re-organization is the predominant method of development and evolution. We don’t attempt to offer answers. We aim to present phenomena and raise questions about the co-existence of two independent individuals within the same space and time. This may include the expression of harmony, collision, overlap, confrontation and/or mutual support.

“When two dancers as eloquently meticulous as Elena Demyanenko and Dai Jian decide to choreograph a work, you know that you’re in for silky fluidity: movement that emanates from deep under the skin, where joints are loose, and the spine is airy.”

--Gia Kourlas “New York Times”